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Hazchem Signage

Hazchem signs provide essential information about the hazardous substances that are present at a particular location.

They act as visual indicators, identifying and classifying the types of hazards present. These signs typically feature distinctive shapes, colours, symbols, and numeric codes.

These components communicate the nature of the hazard, such as whether the substance is explosive, flammable, corrosive, or toxic.

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The requirements for Hazchem signs in New Zealand are set out in Schedule 5 of the regulations, which provide specific instructions for the location, size, and design of these signs. The main requirements include:

  1. Location: Hazchem signs must be displayed at the entrances of locations where hazardous substances are used or stored. This includes individual buildings, premises, or complex sites. The sign should be clearly visible and not obscured.

  2. Design and Size: The signs must include hazard pictograms and class labels. The size of the sign should be appropriate for the size of the location and the distance from which the sign is likely to be viewed.

  3. Content: Signs must include specific information, such as the UN class number, the proper shipping name, and an emergency response guide number.

  4. Maintenance: Signs must be maintained in a legible condition and be readily visible. Damaged or faded signs must be replaced promptly.

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