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Competent Person Chemical Handling Training at its Best!

At Rifft, we don’t do dull.

Our courses have been meticulously designed to be engaging, informative and certainly not boring to help companies meet their requirements under the Hazardous Substances regulations 2017.

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Health and Safety at Work
(Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017

Complete Standard Tailored
Regulation 4.5 Chemical Handling Training Course

What to Expect From Our Competent Person Regulation 4.5 Chemical Handling Course

Our meticulously designed chemical handling training provides engaging and informative opportunities to learn better safety and covers a variety of courses. We can provide this training through our public face-to-face courses, onsite courses (minimum numbers apply), or as an online option.

Chemical handling safety is paramount to avoid hazardous spills or injuries. With Rifft Solutions, you get the guidance you need to meet all requirements for Hazardous Substance Regulations.

Our Training includes:

Competent Person Regulation 4.5 Training

Spill Training

LPG Handling

Hazardous Substances
Spill Response Training

Chemical spills can and likely will happen. It is crucial to know when to clean up properly and which basic processes to implement when it does happen. Our 50-minute onsite course covers all you need to know.

Handling LPG Training

This short and sweet course covers the basics of handling LPG. We provide it as onsite training only, and it lasts 50 minutes.

In addition to our main courses, we can also tailor courses to specific requirements. These courses are ideal for quick and effective training for large or small companies that want to remain regulation compliant. These courses can vary from 60 minutes to 2.5 hours.

Contact us today and book the course that best suits the needs of your staff and workplace. With RIFFT Solutions, you get quality training that helps you remain regulation compliant.

You can view our upcoming course schedule below:

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Book Courses for Worksafe Hazardous Substances Handling Now

RIFFT Solutions can work with you to design a hazardous substance awareness course customised to your specific requirements. This is an ideal option for large companies with many staff who require quick and effective training.

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