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Approved Fillers

People filling containers with gases under pressure, including cylinders, aerosols, and non-refillable containers must be trained and hold an Approved Filler compliance certificate.

This certificate is issued by a compliance certifier and lasts 5 years before it must be renewed.

Please refer to the application form below for more information. Rifft’s eLearning course forms the theoretical component of the Approved Filler process, you must still provide additional evidence before the compliance certificate is signed off. We have a two-stage process to complete the Approved Filler process

1) Complete the online training course, which will complete the theoretical aspect of the training – click here to register

2) Once you have completed the online training course, send a copy of the completed application form below, the completed training certificate, along with the additional evidence that is outlined inside the application form to

Your application will be reviewed by the certifier and if satisfactory, a certificate will be issued. The compliance certifier may require a site visit to accurately assess the evidence provided.

The application form can be downloaded and completed below:

Approved Filler (RIFFT)


If you fill gas cylinders, you must be certified as an Approved Filler

To become an approved filler, you need to demonstrate that you have the necessary training, knowledge and skills to fill gas containers safely.

This includes:

  • How to fill gas containers safely
  • The different forms of gases under pressure. Specifically:
    • low-pressure liquefiable gas
    • high-pressure liquefiable gas
    • permanent gases
    • cryogenic gases that may be held at very low temperatures
  • Factors that can trigger the failure of a gas container
  • Consequences of a failure of a gas container associated with the different forms of gases under pressure, including asphyxiation
  • Inspecting a gas container.

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Not sure what an approved filler is? Or if this is the right course of action for you?

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