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HSWA Compliant Site Plans

Designed specifically for the purpose of Location Compliance Certifications, the purpose of the plan is to identify and mitigate the risks associated with these substances or activities to ensure the safety of workers, the environment, and the surrounding community. 

These documents shows the locations of the dangerous goods within the site area and detailing the necessary flammable vapours that are present on the locations. Site Plans are documented in accordance with the requirements of a compliance certifier in reference to AS/NZS 60079.10.1:2009, Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017.

We at Rifft specialise in the drawing of Hazardous Area zone plans, emergency evacuations plans , and traffic management.

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We will work with you and will make every effort to ensure our plans are drawn with extreme attention to detail and accuracy.

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When it comes to compliant site plans, there are several other relevant pieces of information that should not be understated:

1. Hazardous Substance Information: The site plan should clearly indicate the location and quantities of hazardous substances present on the premises.

2. Emergency Response Plan: The site plan needs to be included in ERP along with the inventory report of all hazardous substances onsite. The ERP should outline the emergency procedures to be followed in case of incidents involving hazardous substances. This may include evacuation routes, assembly points, and contact information for emergency services. An additional evacuation plan may be included

3. The Hazardous area zone plan must include information such as version number, date, scale , and indicated north.

Including these additional pieces of information in compliant site plans provides a comprehensive overview of the safety measures and procedures in place to manage hazardous substances. It promotes transparency, helps in risk assessment, and assists regulatory authorities in evaluating compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Importantly it gives vital information to emergency services if called to your site

Traffic Management Plans

A plan that details the desired flow of vehicle and pedestrian movements within the site or building designed to assist Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) with the administration of traffic-related hazards in their work area, thereby decreasing the number of interactions between vehicles or forklifts and pedestrians.

The Traffic Management Plan (TMP) will also highlight the duties of traffic controllers, truck or forklift operators, and protocols for managing traffic flow on a daily basis as well as in emergency scenarios.

Emergency Evacuation Plans

Created to equip building residents with a roadmap on the requisite actions needed during an evacuation scenario in the event of a fire. The Evacuation Plan will detail the locations of the fire safety equipment, dangerous goods, fire hydrants and assembly area(s).

For each diagram placed in the building, the directions of the best and alternative route to the assembly point will be shown as a guide.

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