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happy birthday

On this day last year, we were incorporated and started operating as a business. Looking back it was a spontaneous decision made after the two owners, Ariff Khalid and Roger Fleming,  decided to come together and start Rifft Solutions to provide high quality services utilising the expertise and knowhow from both brains. The addition of Mark Davis to run our site plan department further strengthened the business and added further high quality experience.

Fun fact! the name actually came from an amalgamation of both director’s names, although Roger would lead you to believe it’s predominantly the R and F from him and just the IF from Ariff.

Being very similar to the word RIFT too was just a twist of destiny, as our core focus was to bridge the rift we noticed in the industry. We identified a niche in the market offering across-the-board expertise, skills and solutions when it comes to Health and Safety around Hazardous Substances.

Over the course of our first year in business, we would like to thank the unwavering support of our suppliers and close business partners, pH7, Dusty Road, Turners Auto Retail Division, and The Warehouse Group to name a few, whom without we wouldn’t have been blessed with the opportunities we had.

Since then as we increased our understanding and knowledge of the Health and Safety industry here in New Zealand, we have continued to sharpen the main Rifft Solutions website. Those who have seen version 1 will remember the upside-down pyramid designed by an amateur who didn’t understand how search engine optimisation works and why a single cookie-cutter website with no content or fresh ideas will never get served on Page 1 of google. Remember, if you want to hide a dead body, put it on Page 2!*

Furthermore, we have also developed a dedicated e-commerce website known as Rifft Safety to serve products in a user-focused digital platform.

Another area we have started to dip into is eLearning development, IT integrations, and digital support, with the development of the Rifft Digital website to handle and showcase many types of the works we find ourselves doing for our clients.

We’re not stopping there and will carry on evolving and developing our digital footprint to provide more features and accessibility to rival Apple, PB Tech, Officemax, and more titans of industry.

Watch this space! more solutions are coming soon! 

*Disclaimer, we do not condone hiding dead bodies nor doing anything illicit.

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